Nursing Home Or LTC Provider
Services Overview

A long-term care facility or any health care provider operates on a tight budget with no room for lost reimbursement and unpaid bills. Our expertise and services include Medicaid Applications and Appeals, Guardianships, Private Recovery, Admission Agreement Advisement & Strengthening, Power of Attorney matters, seminars and in-house training of business office and intake personnel.

1. Medicaid ApplicationS & APPEALS

SOHO has the experience and know-how in the Medicaid Application process to get residents approved quickly and efficiently. WE will help providers avoid retroactive eligibility pitfalls and will provide best practices to ensure providers are obtaining the earliest retroactive start date possible.

If a case needs Appealed, SOHO will remove that burden from providers and will work diligently and strategically to obtain eligibility. WE have successfully overturned thousands of Medicaid Denials, including ones providers have appealed late or sometimes note appealed at all. Whether the issue is a transfer penalty, excess resource, theft, late filing, or a refusal to provide verifications, SOHO is excited to use its legal skills to tackle any challenge providers face. SOHO wants providers to know that it is never too late to get help!

2. Guardianships

  • When is the right time to obtain a Guardian?
  • Can a provider obtain a Guardian only for financial issues?
  • How much will this cost?

Obtaining a Guardian for a resident is an appropriate and effective method to ensure that prompt medical decisions can be made and that financial matters will be appropriately handled, including obtaining Medicaid eligibility.

The new rules in Pennsylvania regarding Guardianships have complicated and confused the whole process. But SOHO’s experience and knowledge of Pennsylvania’s Orphans’ Courts allows our firm to efficiently guide providers in determining when is the right time to seek a Guardian and who should be appointed. SOHO’s fee is extremely competitive as WE have created a unique, streamlined and efficient process to effectively navigate the Guardianship process. WE will quickly assist providers in obtaining a trusted individual or association as your resident’s Guardian.

3. Private RECOVERY

When a resident is uncooperative with collection attempts, or simply refuses to pay privately, SOHO can help you recover what you are owed.

WE understand the financial burdens that long-term care providers incur and understand the importance of getting providers paid quickly. SOHO offers prompt relief in recovering overdue debts. WE will assess each case individually and then move quickly. SOHO has already established legal precedent in Pennsylvania that has helped our client providers recover millions of dollars.

4. Appellate Courts

Did you lose your Fair Hearing Appeal? Did you forget to file an Appeal? Are benefits not approved retroactively? The stakes are high but with creative legal arguments, SOHO has successfully argued Medicaid Appeals before Pennsylvania’s Appellate Courts, setting case law precedence. WE will use our unmatched experience to review a case’s procedural history and evaluate appellate arguments. You will be surprised to learn that you still have options to recover lost time.

5. Discharge AND REGULATORY Issues

SOHO offers consultation and legal representation for all admission, discharge and transfer issues. WE understand the regulatory protocol that must be followed and will provide guidance to ensure a provider is engaging in an appropriate discharge.

SOHO also provides guidance to all healthcare providers regarding licensure and regulatory issues. WE will ensure your facility is in compliance with all Pennsylvania requirements.