Individual Services Overview

Nursing homes are expensive. Most people are not prepared for the cost and do not understand the process of admitting a loved one to a nursing home, let alone figuring out how to pay for it!

If you are seeking long-term care for a family member but you are unsure of how to begin the process or whether your family can afford the cost of a nursing home, SOHO Legal has over 20 years of experience in this area. WE are a motivated group of lawyers who will explain in a friendly and simple way the admission process, along with options for payment. WE understand your concerns and are ready to explain how to pay for care. If you are ready to transition to a nursing home, call SOHO Legal for a free consultation.

1. How to pay for nursing home care

Should I pay out-of-pocket or consider applying for Medicaid?

In 2020 a 24-hour skilled nursing facility will cost approximately $11,000 per month, or more depending on the amount of care needed. So with the increasing costs of nursing home care, the stakes are high for any family. Can an individual can be expected to pay for this without impoverishing the entire family? Should you pay out of pocket apply for Medicaid?

Planning for Medicaid eligibility can allow for comfortable living and possibly save you up to HALF of your resources even after you enter a nursing home. But what if you have not planned and need the 24-hour care immediately? Is it too late?

SOHO Legal can evaluate your needs and help you keep up to HALF of your hard earned savings. Begin by identifying all of the individual’s income and assets and make a list. Call SOHO for a free consultation and let us help you!!

2. Protecting Assets

You may be able to keep up to HALF of your assets!

SOHO Legal wants you to keep as much of your assets as possible. In many cases, advanced planning can help you or your family member protect up to HALF of your assets to preserve money for gifts to your children, or to pay for a grandchild’s education, or to take care a disabled loved one. SOHO can help you save up to HALF and you can spend it however you wish!!

  • Can I give my grandkids money before I admit into a nursing home?
  • What is a Trust and how can it help me?
  • Is it too late to qualify for Medicaid if I already gifted my family or charity money?
  • I want my children to inherit our family home, how can I preserve ownership of our home?
  • Can I modify or make handicap improvements to our home?

Meeting with a knowledgeable and experienced SOHO attorney could save the family inheritance while still complying with the Medicaid guidelines. There are options available to save money and your first step to saving money is to call SOHO Legal for a free consultation and let us help you!

3. Managing Another’s Assets

Common concerns and questions for any individual who has been designated to manage another person’s income or assets:

  • I am confused as to what my legal responsibilities are.
  • Am I personally liable for my family member’s bills and debts?
  • Am I personally liable if I help a family member admit to a nursing home?
  • How do I help my aging parents keep their money they have saved?
  • My parents want to care for and provide financial assistance to their disabled child, can this be done?

We understand your hesitation in getting involved. SOHO Legal will give your questions and concerns the highest priority as you may be in the best position to take charge and save your family money. Managing a friend or family member’s assets is an important responsibility for which SOHO will provide you guidance and assist with preserving your money. The first step is to call SOHO Legal for a free consultation and let us help you!